Jess Knight: Mormon Girl

A hilarious, bizarre and beautiful punk manifesto.

As the eldest daughter of a rural Mormon family, Jess was taught her body was off limits and that a woman's primary purpose was to become a mother. But being born with a disability and no would that work?

When she realises her younger sister is having sex (and not fearing her eternal damnation), Jess starts to wonder what she's missing out on.

And so her journey away from the church and into the world of punk boys, broken hearts, backseat fumbling and solo self-discovery leads her to places she never thought she'd be, learning all the things her doctors, bishop and parents never thought to tell her.

  • Performances /
  • Thu 26 Mar–Sun 5 Apr
    Stay tuned for future dates!
  • Sat 21–Sun 29 Sep
    Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019